"I have a real belief in people.  If you listen to them, and allow them to be heard, you'll reveal the real problem.  The real problem isn't always the one on the table -  it's often the one under the table that nobody's talking about - solve that problem and everything else will fall into place."

 - David Bogan, Mediator

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David Bogan is an international mediator and conflict manager, operating across several jurisdictions.He has taken part in international panels and conferences and in 2006 joined the steering committee of the US based International Coalition of Concerned Mediators. David has been successfully engaged in settling major health, fraud, class actions and long running disputes, including a civil murder claim. In 2007 he co-authored a book with Award Winning Journalist Keith Davies on the major conflict confronting the relationship between age and work which impacts heavily on every major Western economy. The book is entitled "Avoid Retirement and Stay Alive" published by Harper Collins in ANZ 2007 and McGraw Hill in the USA in 2008 and a second book "What's Keeping You Awake at Night" Harper Collins 2010 also dealing with conflict but in a more general format.

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