David Bogan is a Harvard trained International Mediator with almost 30 years full time experience and  has the highest rating as a Senior Mediator with Mediate.Com.

  • He has undertaken many specialised conflict resolution courses including dealing with Medical matters at Pepperdine University # Cognitive Neuroscience and Decision Making at Duke University, # a Train the Trainers qualification in Eldercare and Inheritance issues with ElderDecisions USA, and # presented to a graduate class at London University
    Nationally Accredited in Australia, he holds additional accreditations with the NSW Rural Assistance Authority, # Queensland Rural & Industry Development Authority, # and has a NSW Ministerial Warrant  Conciliate for the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission.
  • His experience includes successful settlements in: Farming # Commercial # Medical # Employment # Class Actions # Foreign Exchange Claims # International Fraud # the Australian Iraqi Wheat for Oil transactions # Wrongful Deaths and # a Civil Murder Claim.
    David  has contributed to the development of many mediation initiatives including the 1994 NSW Farm Debt Mediation Act # Mexican Government adaptation of Mediation # Suicide prevention strategies locally and internationally # the Maharashtra State Government in looking at the adaptation of mediation to help mitigate farmer suicides
  • Represented NSW at the International Conference of Jurists in Mumbai in 2017.

David has an altruistic approach with a strong commercial background in both executive and governance levels having held several roles such as: Chief Manager Retail Services, Corporate Centre and Legal Recoveries, for National Australia Bank NZ, # Director of Lifeline International, # Chair of Lifeline NZ, # Chair of the Gambling Helpline and # Inaugural Chair of Lifeline Pasifika.

David is passionate about mediation and his practice works on the premises that conflict is a normal part of daily life as summarised by Prof Luis Diaz, “There is no life without co-existence, and there is no co-existence without confrontation.” He believes that each party has the innate ability to collaborate successfully in resolving their differences providing they are carefully listened to, fully informed, working in a safe environment, and have the support they need.

  • Achievements in published works on conflict include # Co-Author of the International No 1 Bestseller “Avoid Retirement And Stay Alive” and # Harper Collins ‘Author of the Month’ for “What’s Keeping You Awake at Night.”