"I found the experience illuminating. David is an outstanding communicator and excellent conciliator. I have learnt from the experience and will be able to carry the lessons forward into my day to day practice." Dr G

"Thanks to you and your mediation last year between ourselves and . we are able to face the 21st century with confidence. None of this would have been possible without your services"
K & H B

"...thank you for the very professional and sympathetic manner in which you handled our mediation. In using your services we were able to attend the meeting with the confidence that we would not be fronting up in an underdog situation where we could so easily have been beaten into the ground. We had been loathe to front up because we felt ourselves in a David & Goliath situation. As a result of the mediation we are now back in control of our lives"

"Thank you very much for your guidance, influence, and steadying effect during a very tense time when you have helped both Helen and myself"

"We have appreciated your approach and kindness in these difficult times"

"In this age of materialism the mediation was a profoundly special experience"

"On a tough day it was a pleasure to meet a man of your integrity and sense of human nature. It is easy to see how you are so sought after in your job. I feel that I have met someone really worth meeting and am the better for it"

"I was greatly impressed with David Bogan's approach and much credit must go to him, not only in respect of the satisfactory outcome for all parties but for the manner in which it was achieved. I was so impressed with him that I felt I should pass on my commendations to you."
(Letter to HDC Commissioner by RCW

"Your kind sympathetic and calm manner was very much appreciated. Your energy infiltrated the entire room and everyone in it. You set the scene that eliminated any sort of egoic power/control based battle. You took away fear and the result was quite remarkable."
E&I H.

"It is really rewarding to know that through the success of the mediation Mrs C has moved on and again enjoying life. Once again many thanks for you your help and skills."

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