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Avoid Retirement and Stay Alive (Book Review)
by Barbara Wilson
New to the market, and having already reached number 1 in the New Zealand best-selling booklist for non fiction, Avoid Retirement and Stay Alive is about conflict resolution on a much broader scale. It is about the conflicts attached to ageing. The authors lay down a provocative challenge to those of us of a certain age (dare I say that includes many CR and ADR practitioners?) and to the retirement industry in general.
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A conversation with David Bogan

Grapevine 2008 Issue 3

Retirement! Is there life after it? Will you have enough money? Where will you live? What'll it be like? Who will pay?If you're young its a distant glimmer, but if you're a baby-boomer its a looming prospect a golden glow on the horizon, or a swirl on the rock-strewn reef, depending on whether you hate your job or love it.
Someone with strong views on retirement is international conflict-resolution expert, David Bogan. Hes on the International Coalition of Concerned Mediators, has had key roles in major international banks, is a Director of Lifeline International, chairman of Lifeline Auckland, and a fair bit more.

He says, retirements a dumb idea! A no-brainer! A fast-track to personal extinction!
So, in an attempt to find out more, Grapevine followed David to his Auckland office
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TVNZ Breakfast News
March 13, 2007
Avoid Retirement and Stay Alive co-author David Bogan discusses the new book, which says retirement is something to avoid not look forward to.

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