Extracts from KPMG Reference Check


  • "A negotiator and dealer, streetwise, thinks on his feet, can get to the nub of a problem very quickly"
  • "Ability to understand people"

Analytical and Conceptual:

  • "Strong analytical and reasoning abilities"
  • "Conceptual strength absolute clarity"
  • "Judgement clear and excellent"

Planning and Forecasting:

  • "Described as having very high planning skills"
  • "A good strategiser"

Interpersonal Relationships:

  • "...can adapt to any situation, cool under pressure, works on instinct, responsive, thorough, effectively gains peoples confidence."
  • "...extremely helpful, very good relationships, enormous respect, strong links developed."


  • "Described as very good, outstanding and gifted"
  • "Has ability to communicate on a range of topics in order to establish strong relationships"
  • "Very much in control succeeded in disarming people."
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